The Knowledge Tester team believes in the collective success.

Having a 30,000 feet view of where things stand for software testers in the overall IT industry, we can see a lot of gaps. The need is for the staffing of smart and knowledgeable testers who possess both the Technology and Business side of the knowledge. This can only happen if all of us become in a learning mode where we learn from each other and become Knowledge Tester.

There are many ways to tackle this including:

  • Conducting informational seminars on Software Testing across the universities.
  • Hold hands-on workshop on key testing skills for would-be testers.
  • Discussions on industry trends among the testers.

The Knowledge Tester team is happy to announce that we have some activity going on for few of the above fronts and we have successfully conducted informational sessions and hands-on workshop at major universities in recent months. We are doing it as a conscious effort and will keep the journey going.

All such sessions are done with the main intent of knowledge sharing and the noble cause of ‘Software Quality’. These are either free of charge or at a nominal charges. Have a look at the recent Activity.

If you are interested in holding such session at your campus or organization, feel free to contact us at .

That’s it for now and Happy Learning…


5 responses to “Becoming”

  1. Mehvish says :

    Hi, Really appreciate your initiative and hope our tester community learns from it.
    Thank you


  2. Waleed Nasir says :

    AoA, I am really impressed to see this website, its design & becoming aware of the buzzword “Knowledge Tester”. Keep it going.


  3. sidrakb says :

    Hi, Are we still doing this?
    If yes please count me in.
    It’s outright depressing to see universities producing grads who are completely oblivious to the industry out here.
    I’d love to help expand their vision.


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