Five years of blogging

KnowledgeTester turned 5 few days ago!

And as I discussed the journey in first, second, third and fourth year, my first happiness is to see that it is still going. I am, just like many of you, type of a person who “has a habit of starting projects and not completing them”. Though the project of blogging never finishes but continuing it for 5 years certainly can be used as a yardstick to call it mature.

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The biggest achievement of fifth year is not a personal one but a collective one. And I sincerely hope you know that collective success has more savor than a personal one.  And that was the first ever testing conference in Pakistan that we saw happening in April 2017 in a great way. My report on it “Pakistan Software Quality Conference 2017” has been the most viewed post of the year and I’m so happy to have achieved this through all friends specially the support of Pakistan Software Testing Board.

Interestingly that was my top most priority when I recapped fourth year. Now you can easily guess that this year’s priority is to make PSQC a regular thing in our Industry and we are working for PSQC’18 which will happen in February 2018 in Lahore Insha Allah (God Willing). Though we went into a momentary post conference enjoyment mode, where we made little progress in recent months but we are now getting back with two meetups coming soon in the remaining months of 2017.

On the viewership increase, I am seeing a 20% increase in per post views which may not seem great compared to previous years. But you know as the baseline increases, it becomes hard to keep increasing at same pace e.g. think how salary raise in % is tougher as your salary gets higher. But net effect is that views per post are almost at 1,000 now (967 to be precise) in last year. Yes, I can’t believe that this viewership is for the stuff that I’m writing but it’s true 😊

During the last two years or so, due to the community building activities KnowledgeTester was low on providing training to Testers. The good news is that I’m setting this as my second goal for the sixth year i.e. to hold Training along with continuing community activities. Wish me luck.

That’s about it for now and I’m thankful to each of you who contributed towards this success. And I’m sure you’ll be with me in next years of this journey.

Do you have any suggestions on what kind of training we should be offering this year?


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9 responses to “Five years of blogging”

  1. Qamar Tarar says :

    First of all congratulations. I am very happy to see the Progress towards Test & Quality that was contributed by your Blogging. I always waited for your blog and tried my best to read your blog as soon as possible. I got a lot of Inspiration and Information from it. I hope that you will Keep it continue. I wish you a lot of success.

    Regarding your question towards Training and suggestions:

    My suggestions are

    – Training on Agile Methods
    – The role of Tester in Agile Software and Hardware Development
    – Misconceptions about Automation and the reality
    – The role of Automation in time of digital life and the Pros and Cons of Automation
    – Key factors about the Project success
    – The culture of Testing in Pakistan as compared to developed countries like Japan, Germany etc.
    – Pakistan Testing Day

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    • zizainab says :

      Majid, Wish you all the best!

      My suggestions are

      1. Training on Automation Testing Tools for Mobile Application.

      2. Load Testing specifically for Mobile Apps.

      3. Training on Test Planing and Test Strategy


    • majd says :

      Thanks Qamar and I always enjoy your comments. Noted down the topics you provided and we’ll soon have some training to cover some of these.


  2. AbuBakkar Siddique says :

    glad to hear that. 🙂


  3. Adeel says :

    Hi Majd,
    Congratulation on your 5 year achievement mark. As you say first 5 years are the most important once as well. I learned a lot from you and will see more in coming future.

    As we worked on API Testing and now a days we have really big WEB API and where is API there must be API Testing as well :). There are lots of frameworks that are now currently in used and on which I have worked. It would be great if we can train or at least give some idea of to people how it works. Here is list of frameworks which can be picked as training.

    2) Chakram, Mocha, Chai Java Script based.
    3) Groovy based on REST ASSURED.

    And couple of more as well.

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  4. Sohail Sarwar says :

    Congrats on completing the half decade milestone. 🙂 Your efforts on endorsing/promoting software testing as a career in local industry are commendable. Keep inspiring the new-comers with great thoughts. Cheers 🙂


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