Testers Meetup Lahore 3rd Edition

Lahore Qalandars may have been eliminated from PSL but the Lahore Testers have definitely proceeded to the next round of Software Testing excellence by gathering for the 3rd Meetup this weekend.

The venue this time was the beautiful FAST-NUCES auditorium and event was sponsored by Systems Ltd. through the platform of Pakistan Software Testing Board. That makes a really good combination where Industry and Academia are working together towards building the community. A special thanks to Kamran Khan who made it happen.

The event started with refreshing remarks by our host Ali Gohar. And quickly we were onto the first technical talk on the topic of “IoT Testing” by Khubaib ur Rehman from CTO247. Khubaib after explaining what we mean by Internet of Things and how complex is the world, talked briefly on different types of testing that are important in this domain. He expanded couple of testing types like Compatibility in terms of hardware variation and Performance Testing being dealing with the big data that comes in through those devices. Audience got engaged in the discussion and Ali Iqbal who is part of ICT R&D fund commented on the IoT Excellence Center being setup by ICT R&D. The slides are here: internet-of-things-testing


(more photos are here)

Khurram Bhatti who is based in Sweden and took advantage of this visit to get engaged with the Pakistani Testing community, then graced the stage and talked about “The real potential of Software Tester in Agile”. Through entertaining GIFs and some witty statements, Khurram set the tone on why testing takes the center stage in Agile world. He then shared his vision of there things that a Tester must work on to be successful in agile: Communication, Business and Technical. Khurram gave a nice example on how engine oil can be assumed as a Communication mechanism such that if the oil is not there, engine will not run log. The presentation is shared here: khurrambhatti_real-potential-of-tester-in-agile-world

Systems Ltd.’s representative Nauman Farooqui who is currently serving as VP, Project Delivery and Customer Satisfaction was invited to share his thoughts on “Producing Quality Software”. Nauman took this opportunity to share that he started his career as Software Tester and encouraged the Testers in audience to step up the game. He quickly recapped the illustrious ~40 years of journey of Systems Ltd. which is proudly the first Software House of Pakistan. The thing that I liked most on his suggestions to producing Software with top notch Quality was that the Testers should absolutely learn the Business domain they are serving. He also gave some recent examples on how talking to the Clients on regular basis results in more chances of success.

The final technical talk was on “Lessons Learned in Test Automation” by Adeel Shoukat from Contour Software. In his typical relaxed yet always to the point way, Adeel debunked some of the Automation myths and made it clear that “Record and Replay will never work”. He also strongly held his view that Automation will not replace the manual testing thus thinking of Automation as a way to reduce testing force is not a way to go. He then shared some examples from his own experience that building a framework based on a hybrid approach to solve your problem is a good way to adapt. He suggested to start simple and show the business value that Automation can do and show the value to the management that Automation adds. His slides are here: leasson_learned_in_automation

Dr. Zohaib Iqbal, President PSTB was invited to share all needed information for the upcoming Pakistan Software Quality Conference being held at Marriott hotel, Islamabad on April 8th. Dr. Zohaib recapped the whole Quality journey of these meetups that happened in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. And this demands for a climax like the upcoming Conference. Dr. Zohaib offered a special discounted offer to testers from Lahore and explained the “Call for Speakers” and “Sponsorship model”. More details about the Conference can be found on the website.

The best part of the event then happened. Yes the yummy food with tea but No, the delicious talks over cup of tea were more interesting. Testers were seen talking to the Speakers and hosts of the event to ask the questions which couldn’t be asked during the session; Testers were seen seeking guidance on their technical and people management issues; Testers were seen discussing ideas on how we can make these events more successful. These are just a few highlights of the over one hour talks that happened and I am still feeling awesome about them.

That’s all from the Lahore meetup and we are looking forward to see all of these brilliant testers join us at the Conference!


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4 responses to “Testers Meetup Lahore 3rd Edition”

  1. SQA says :

    Thats great to know about another successful meetup held at Lahore my native city. Thumbs up to Dr Zohaib majd , Dr Uzair and all involved in this. Good luck


  2. Qamar Tarar says :

    Good to know about this successful Event. I liked the most “Leason learned Automation” Topic as in almost all companies the Management has wrong perceptions about Test Automation. The reality is what was mentioned in this Topic.


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