Testers Meetup returns to Islamabad

The date was very close to the day when people show love for their loved ones. And the wind was somewhat “Basanty”. Yet the Testers from the twin cities showed love for their profession and enjoyed some high flying testing ideas instead at the Testers Meetup that happened this weekend.

The event was hosted at the beautiful auditorium of Bahria University and was sponsored by BroadPeak Technologies . Pakistan Software Testing Board (PSTB) provided the platform where 120 Testers representing over 40 organizations joined us.


(more pictures coming soon on facebook event)

After a quick introduction by the host, the first talk was delivered by Nabeel Ansar from VizTeck . Nabeel through his personal experience shared the vision of “End to End Test Automation” where automation starts from when the Requirements are written. He showed examples written in Gherkin and implemented in specflow to demonstrate the concept. The talk resulted in lot of questions being asked for this approach and also on Automation in general which were very well answered by Nabeel. The presentation is here: end-to-end-test-automation

The next talk was on an interesting topic of “Data Science and Software Testing” by Uridah Sami from RedBuffer (also known for her blog on testing QualityFrenzy ). Uridah set the scene by explaining what Data Science is, how companies like facebook or Netflix use this concept and how products like self driving cars rely on data. She then mapped the skills needed for Data Science and Software Testing and explained how these two worlds are connected. Read more here: data-sciences-and-software-testing

The third and final Technical talk was delivered by Amir Shahzad and Hasan Farooq of Stella Technology Inc. . In first half of the presentation titled “API testing using Spock Framework”, Amir briefly touched upon modern day web architecture and the importance of testing the backend RESTful APIs. He then explained why they prefer Spock over other frameworks which was mainly for it’s ability to be used in data driven testing. Hasan then demonstrated a live session of tests written in Spock which did the testing and validated the returning values. The audience took great interest in this idea. More details here: spock-presentation

Faisal Tajammul, Managing Director of BroadPK Technologies then took over the stage and expressed his thoughts on “Why Testing is important?” Faisal spoke out of his ~20 years of experience that if people chose Software Testing as a profession because they think that Programming is tough, they are wrong because in his opinion “Testing is tougher than Programming”. He engaged the audience by asking what is the single thing that can be done to deliver Quality products and then summed up this discussion by saying that if Testing is involved early in the process, it is the best way to produce Quality product.

The stage was then handed over to our own Dr. Zohaib Iqbal who is President PSTB to share more information on the exciting upcoming event: the first ever Pakistan Software Quality Conference . Dr. Zohaib in his typical relaxed yet very professional way, recapped the journey of testers meetup and expressed his gratitude for the interest shown by both the Testing practitioners and IT companies. He then talked about more specific details about the Conference which is happening on April 8th, 2017 at Marriott Hotel Islamabad and will feature Maik Nogens (known for holding Software Testing Worldcup) as Keynote Speaker along with other interesting talks. Dr. Zoahib urged the audience to get active and if they become Conference Champions by spreading the word, they can avail some additional discounts on top of the Early Bird being offered.

Certificates were then awarded to the very able BroadPeak testing team who organized this event under the leadership of Syed Qambar Rizvi. Shields were presented to the Presenters and all testers walked towards the Cafetria to enjoy very much needed cup of tea with snacks.

This was the best time of the event where we saw scenes like this: Testers meeting old friends, Testers making new friends, Testers getting to know more about other companies and their testing processes and techniques, Testers introducing their work to others who listened etc. etc. These conversations will go a long way in the careers of each Tester for sure.

We are very much looking forward to lead all this activity to the climax of Pakistan Software Quality Conference in April. There is another meetup being held in Lahore on February 25th in this build up, so will talk about that soon.


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4 responses to “Testers Meetup returns to Islamabad”

  1. Qamar Tarar says :

    Thanks for sharing very good Information especially Information regarding upcoming Testing Events.


  2. Sohail says :

    Must have been an exciting event. Great Work KT and team. 🙂


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