Testers Meetup Activity reaches Karachi

Karachi known as commercial capital of Pakistan has an iconic image such that if it doesn’t happen here, it doesn’t exist. As the activity based Testers Meetup met the vibrant and passionate Testers community in Karachi last Saturday after having successful rounds in Islamabad and Lahore, we can safely say that such activities are here to stay.

The event was well orchestrated by our partners VentureDive  team gyrating around testing champion Zeeshan Asghar. The event was running under the banner of Pakistan Software Testing Board (PSTB) . The cafeteria of Dot Zero  located at 14th floor at the famous Tariq Road was a perfect choice for the event where ~50 testers were invited to attend the event. The host Mohsin Ali started the proceedings once the teams were settled on their tables.

The event was kicked off by an opening note by Usman Zuberi who is Project Manager at VentureDive. Usman welcomed all on behalf of his organization and recapped a brief yet rising journey of the company. His message to the testers was very clear: “Don’t adapt this career just because you think you are misfit as a Programmer.” Usman affirmed the audience that if they take testing career as a passion, they have a long road of success ahead of them.

The day was about the participants broken into 9 teams doing live rounds of testing. The fiercely fought competition went through the stages of planning the tests, executing the tests, finding the bugs and finally presenting the findings to the audience. To keep with the tradition of so many TV shows running from Karachi, there were cash prizes for the top three teams. The application that was given to the teams was a typical eCommerce site with both customer and admin modules. The teams took part in each round with lot of energy and it was heartening to see so many brilliant testes showing their skills in action.


(More pictures are on our facebook page)

Since knowledge comes from doing things but it also comes from learning from people who have already done those things, the above rounds of testing were sliced through some knowledge sharing sessions.

Syed Azhar , Director DvOps at Careem explained how modern day apps testing can’t limit itself to just functional testing. By giving examples from the scope and depth of the architecture that Careem utilizes to make it a success, Azhar said that living in silos of Business Requirements, Product Management, Development, Testing, Deployment are not the way to go. DevOps brings all of them together and he also explained the 5 Cs of DevOps. His full presentation is here:  devops-solution-qa

The most loved talk of the day was on lessons learned in Test Automation by Syed Tassaduq Hussain  who now heads the Quality Assurance team of TPS. In his typical style, Tassaduq shared many rules through his personal experience where he split the lessons amongst Management and Engineers. One of his suggestion to the test management was to form the team such that it benefits maximum automation ROI because automation cannot be done by the manual testers on their spare time. For Engineers, he explained what Flaky tests are and how we can conquer them to build confidence in automation. The slides are here: automation-testing

The third talk was by our own Zeeshan Asghar on the challenges we face in the testing where so many platforms, so many devices and so many browsers are out there where Compatibility and Regression testing has to be run. Zeeshan suggested to use available tools to accomplish this so that testers focus on tasks that require human intelligence and give such routine work to the testing platforms out there. See more details here: software-trends

The event was also graced by two Meetup pioneers from Islamabad, Amir Shahzad who is Manager Testing at Stella and Nouman Umer representing Zigron. Amir shared his feelings on how such meetups help testers grow together and was happy to see that these forums are now reaching new locations.

Taking this opportunity, I briefly talked about what PSTB is, the certifications it offers and how it’s objectives are well aligned with the needs of Pakistan Testing community. I shared the formula of success:

Testers Meet + Learn together in fun setup + Build Connections = Testers Succeed

Also invited the testers to the proposed National level Testing conference which we plan to do in March 2017 Insha Allah (God Willing). The slides are here: pstb-and-meetups

The event was also graced by Asim Kazmi, leader of 10Pearls testing and who is one of the faces of community. Another popular figure Faiza Yousuf couldn’t join us but gave us full support and some selected University students of her joined us in what we calling making the future testers.

It would be an injustice to not name all the volunteering team that included Shahan Jahangir, Laraib Vaqar Patoli, Mohsin Ali, Mariam Hammad and Shafaq Zehra (pardon me if I missed any one) who made all the proceedings smooth. And did I forget to say that the “Biryani” lunch was lovely 🙂

Thanks to all the participants in joining us in the journey of Testers Excellence. Let’s work together to take it to the next level.


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2 responses to “Testers Meetup Activity reaches Karachi”

  1. Faiza Yousuf says :

    Brilliant efforts. I am glad I was of help 🙂


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