Four years of blogging

Knowledge Tester turned 4 earlier this month.

This has been an amazing journey during which I have made so many new online and real life friends along with learning so much new stuff which could not have been possible without having a platform like this. I was lucky to have started it at the right time in my career and will continue my efforts to make it even bigger.


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As I recapped first, second and third years, I picked the highlights of the year being celebrated, let me do the same this year. In those terms if I look at the fourth year, it was a year of expansion where follower-ship of blog increased at a pace of 3x compared to first year. Also per blog viewership doubled this year which indicated that the blog has more penetration now compared to the past.

But all these are kind of personal milestones and the thing that I most enjoyed this year was the fact that the Pakistani testing community is finally waking up as a results of this effort. We had back to back testers meetup in Islamabad and Lahore this year and have a plan to do one in Karachi later this year. And the dream of first Testing Conference in Pakistan seems so real that we have a tentative date in the month of March 2017 locked for the event. I’ll be sharing more details in coming weeks so that nobody misses it out.

What this meant was that about 60% of my blog posts in fourth year was either a report of an event or a follow up discussion on what happened at the event. This reflects the picture really well that Knowledge Tester is no longer just a platform to promote a single person’s vision rather it is a platform for the testing community to share.

As all of this happened, others are joining the party which makes me so happy. You know that you are influential when people start doing what you do without knowing why they are doing. You know that you are influential when companies hire and pay people to do the job that you are doing voluntarily. And you know that you are influential when people start taking the path defined by you without knowing who is leading this.

Before I talk about the plans in the fifth year, the last thing to summarize last year is to invite you to have a look at the most popular blog post of the year: Smoke testing is boring, Help!!!

Well, the top priority for the fifth year is have the testing conference happen where we could host testers from all over Pakistan. I need lot of help and support from all the gang and I know you’ll not disappoint me. Other than that, I am thinking to either record some video sessions or write a series of posts which serve as a course for people who are new to the profession of software testing. There are many helpful material out there but we still need one that covers this subject from a local perspective. Let’s see how much of that I can achieve.

Thanks for all your wonderful support in these years. What topics you would like me to cover this year?


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8 responses to “Four years of blogging”

  1. Muhammad Fuzail Zubari says :

    Congrats! Happy testing and blogging! Stay Blessed!


  2. Thanh Huynh says :

    Hi Majd,

    Congrats! You made it!

    I’m pretty sure you have overcome a ton of challenges to bring your blog and testing community at this far. Good job on that.

    Keep giving values and helping people, you will see more and more people following.

    Keep up good work.


  3. razaulhaqakif says :

    Congratulations Majd Bhai!! This is all because of your consistent and dedicated efforts towards testing community. Happy blogging!!


  4. razaulhaqakif says :

    Keep up the good work.


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