Agile Testing – a talk at ACP2015

This covers details of my talk at last month’s Agile Conference Pakistan 2015. In the previous post, the breadth of topics was covered and now I plan to cover one topic in depth and that is “Agile Testing”.

The talk started with the notion that “Agile is not the reason to transform the industry” rather that “Changing world has forced industry to adapt Agile”. I took my famous example from the game of cricket so as how the game has evolved from Test Cricket to One Day Internationals and Twenty20s. No doubt we are living in the time of T20s and we need to have a testing strategy can flexibly handle all changes happening internally and externally.


Then I touched the Agile Manifesto’s statement of “Responding to Change over Following a plan” as my main mission of the day. To add some fun, I copied text of this statement from Agile Manifesto page in Urdu, Arabic and Persian which resulted in a big laugh and was a perfect way to gain audience’s attention before the serious stuff began.


The three ideas that I presented as Agile Testing foundation where 1) Agile Testing Quadrants 2) Testing is a team responsibility and 3) Test automation pyramid. All of the concepts were based on the excellent Agile Testing books of Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory and I advised the audience to read those books if you want to seriously learn Agile Testing.

In the Agile Testing Quadrants discussion, I used the following version of Quadrants and rather than putting focus on what should be in which Quadrant, I emphasized the point that this is a great way to gauge if your testing strategy is spread out. Such that if you see one of the Quadrant missing, that needs attention. But if you see more activity in a Quadrant compared to other, that might be okay depending upon what your project/product is.


I also gave away some exercise to be filled later which you can find Agile Testing and You.

Next topic was making Testing a responsibility of each team members. After explaining Three Amigos concept with some real life example situations, I presented following model to see how much of the testing is done by “Testers”, “Programmers” or “Client/Business People”. Again the idea is that if everyone chips in, that is the best formation to have.


Finally I explained Mike Cohn’s test automation pyramid to make the point that foundation of the pyramid should be at the Unit level not at the GUI level as most of the test automation implementer might think. Also the middle layer of testing the application at API layer is very important. If you are testing an application that cannot be tested at that level, remember:

A poor test-ability reflects a poor usability


To sum up the stuff, I used Growing Agile’s Testing manifesto and pin pointed the areas that were covered in the talk. At the end I encouraged all participant to practice the skills learned, adapt them to their needs and feel free to discuss with me if they face issues.


The whole slide deck along with other presentation at the Conference are shared here. To get a feeling of how the session went, you can check photos here and a video of the session will be soon posted on the Conference page.

Let’s apply the stuff we learned at the 2nd edition of the conference and gear up for next year’s event!


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3 responses to “Agile Testing – a talk at ACP2015”

  1. Naveed Ramzan says :

    It was really great session.


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