Three years of blogging

Knowledge Tester turned 3 last week!

This has been a very rewarding journey. As I talked about in the second and first year, this has been another year of success where reach of the blog has now reached 100+ countries with 1100+ individual followers and per post views have almost doubled this year. I can share more success stories along these lines but thought to also touch upon the challenges in the journey.


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When you start a mission, your enthusiasm is high in the start and that carries you for some time. But as the time passes you re-evaluate your priorities and at times struggle to continue your passion. This was a challenging year as a blogger for me and let me discuss the top most concern.

New stuff to write is difficult to find. When I started the blog, I had many topics on which I wrote my posts. The list started to dry out in the third year. And with so many other bloggers talking about the happenings in the testing world, writing about something new or write something new about an existing stuff became tough.

The thing that rescued me was that as you get a followers community of your blog, you hear interesting comments on and off the blog posts. I think about half of my posts in the third year came from those discussions. They were generated from the Activities or the follow up queries from those events.

So my plan is to focus more on such events in the next year which will mobilize more the Pakistan testing community and that will automatically become the supply line for ideas on my blog.

But as I mentioned above, more and more visitors are coming to the blog and highest referrer is now Google with my blog post on “Exploratory Testing vs. ad-hoc testing” going viral in the mid year.

Thanks are due to all the readers of the blog. A special thanks to Ruma Dak who wrote a guest post for my blog on feedback and allowed me to share a post about ANDing your life on her blog. Connections like these would never have been made without starting a blog.

With this, let us start another exciting year of blogging. What topics you like the most or want me to talk about?


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13 responses to “Three years of blogging”

  1. Naveed Ramzan says :

    Congratulations …


  2. SOhail says :

    Good going Majd bhai.. 🙂 Keep it up..


  3. sidrakaukab says :

    Congratulations 🙂


  4. Mohsin W. Siddiqi says :

    Godspeed Majd sb!


  5. Qamar Tarar says :

    Congratulations. Wish you more success in coming years


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