Careers in Software Testing

Last week, I was invited by a group of “soon to be graduated” students of BS in Computer Sciences at FAST Islamabad campus. One of their subjects require them to host a talk by someone from Industry to complete the course. From the list of topics, I chose to speak about “Careers in Software Testing”.

Since on one of my previous tours, I had talked about taking a career in Software Testing, this time I focused more on what happens if you take that route. The main points that were laid down to the audience were:

  • Software Testing belongs to the Software Development as a whole. So careers in testing are similar to careers in Software Development.
  • The first few years of this career is establishing yourself as a technical resource.
  • Once you gain that position, you have two options. One is to become a people’s manager and start rising on the management ladders. The other is to remain a technical hub of knowledge and become the person who defines the technical path of the company.
  • The technical paths in Software Testing are various. The latest hot ones are Performance testers, Security or Penetration Testers and Automation Engineers.

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  • If the above looks too complicated or too much effort, try starting your own business and you’ll be CEO on the first day.
  • Presented Microsoft as a case study which offers jobs in Testing.
  • Covered how testing in Pakistan is growing and growing and growing.

The slides are shared here if you want to take a closer look into the above contents.

Did I miss something? What else we should tell graduating students about career paths in Software Testing?


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8 responses to “Careers in Software Testing”

  1. rumadak says :

    Do you think you missed the AGILE aspect of testing in here??


    • majd says :

      Good addition Ruma. Agile along with how testing role has evolved did come up in the Q&A session but may be the original presentation should cover the “Agility” in Testing. Thanks for bringing it up.

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  2. Shahrukh says :

    A little Business Analyst intro can be more useful especially before touching the Managerial levels(PM) aspects. 🙂 Overall Good one again appreciated!


    • majd says :

      Thanks Shahrukh and that’s a good point that testers do take roles other than their technical path. Business Analyst and Support Engineers are more natural to the Tester’s role. I will update presentation to mention that there can be cross overs to other domains. So any next session will have that part.

      Thanks for making the comment and it’s a very valued one.

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  3. Ridha Malik says :

    Nice post .Can good software tester is also a good software developer?

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    • majd says :

      Thanks Ridha and a really good question. In fact these are two separate disciplines and here is a quote from my “Khayabaan e Testing” post:

      “Programming and Testing are two disciplines and I have seen Programmers who are really good at testing and I have seen Testers who really write good code. And I have seen Programmers who are bad at programming and Testers who are not good at testing. So this whole notion of testing being a subset of programming is not correct, these are two sets with some intersecting areas.”


  4. Test data in software testing says :

    Thanks for sharing, Software testing is such interesting position.


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