State of Unit Testing in Pakistan – Survey results

The results from the survey are in and they are very encouraging.

It suggests that around 60% of the teams have Unit Testing practice in one way or other with around 20% say that they love Unit Testing. By the way, I really liked the Pie chart become in a nice shape and appears to be outcome of a testing report!


As always, the results are not complete until we analyze from where the data came. So here are the notes:

  • There were 40 respondents, so this is in no way true reflection of all Industry. I wish I could get more coverage as I did for the Tester Income. But you know people are more interested in that subject than Unit Testing.
  • Another quick insight into results is that overall survey hits are about double. So half the audience decided not to answer the survey. Either they didn’t want to look bad by saying “No, one does that” or they trusted the other replies.
  • And the result came from all places. 47% were Testers, 32% were Programmers and rest were all scattered. They featured CEOs, CTOs and Business people.
  • There were just a couple replies from outside Pakistan which were not included but I really appreciate the response.

So my friends, as I mentioned that our IT industry is maturing and let’s put our part in making Pakistan a place that produces Quality Software

What is your take away from this survey? And what other topics you would like our blog to survey?



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3 responses to “State of Unit Testing in Pakistan – Survey results”

  1. zafar mahmood says :

    Glad to see some good results, thanks for sharing.

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  2. Farrukh Latif says :

    Very encouraging outcome. Significant strength of people invest resources in improving quality at unit level.

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  3. farhan ziaf says :

    the reality is most of developers in Pakistan, thinks Unit testing as an extra work, and give a damn about it.


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