State of Unit Testing in Pakistan – Survey

Pakistan IT industry is on the rise. Some are making way as a brand of their own where as many young ones are emerging. Even the theme of OPEN Islamabad’s Annual event for 2014 was ‘Celebrating Entrepreneurs”.

One sign of a maturing IT industry is that it becomes Quality conscious. Not in the terms of having a Quality Policy or having catchy phrases as company’s motto but following certain practices at the heart of it’s business. The heart of software producers is to “write code” and it only becomes better by taking lot of steps towards excellence. Writing unit tests is one of them.

That is the reason that in recent conversations with my fellows in Islamabad, I hear a lot about their journey towards adapting unit testing. But at times your echo chambers can lead you to a world based on illusions and not on reality. The best way to know the reality is to ask around and that is what Knowledge Tester is doing through this survey just like we found the reality on Tester’s income in Pakistan.

Would you mind filling in this 2 minute survey on the state of Unit Testing in Pakistan:

You can even fill it even if you are from elsewhere by mentioning your country name. And stay tuned for the results that follow in two week’s time.

And can you help me spread this word? Thanks in advance.


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  1. Salman says :

    Just gave my 2 cents.

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