Tester Diaries – Applying SFDPOT Heuristic

(This is a guest post by Ridha*)

Welcome back to the Tester diaries. As you know that I am a student of BS in Software Engineering and learning software testing in interesting ways.

Now a days, I am working on my Final Year Project (FYP) and I wanted to design its test cases in parallel with development. Through the Knowledge Testerโ€™s guidance, I came to know about SFDPOT and I was suggested to use this thought provoking heuristic for designing tests. As we all know heuristics not always find the best solution but these are some tricks to make our work easy.

SFDPOT letters stand for Structure, Function, Data, Platform, Operations and Time.ย  Read in detail about SFDPOT at: and have a look at one example here: . (Note: the latest version of this heuristic is now SFDiPOT where i stands for Interface)

SFDPOT helped me to organize my understanding of testing my FYP in form of a mind map. My FYP name is CureJunction and I have plans to make it live one day at . This will be a website that helps us find doctors with their specialty in our locality and then let us book online appointment with them. Many more functionalities will be provided at this website and I categorized them in the mind map that is shown below. It took me four sheets of paper and a multiple of four hours to come up with the final version ๐Ÿ™‚


Do let me know how it is helpful for you? And how I can make it even better?

(Ridha Malik is becoming a Knowledge Tester while completing her BS in Software Engineering from University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila, Pakistan. As she explores the field, she is sharing her experiences as Tester Diaries and this is second edition of her thoughts. The first one was about Exploratory Testing.)


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10 responses to “Tester Diaries – Applying SFDPOT Heuristic”

  1. Arslan Ali says :

    Its good to see your interest in Context Driven Testing and Heuristics for Product elements, but the heuristic of “Product Elements” is now modified to “SFDiPOT” which is Structure, Functions, Data, Interfaces, Platform, Operations and Time”



    • ridhamalik says :

      Thanks .I know now it is modified to SFDipot .If you see in the mind map I write a test case at higher level that is (Responsiveness) under operations rather than writing separately under Interface.In this it test against different screen resolution.


  2. Aashi Janjua says :

    Really very good work you have done buddy.. This illustration will help me as well in developing my final year project ๐Ÿ™‚ keep it up (y)

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  3. Muhammad shuja says :

    its always good to see your efforts… In concern with our final year project it is an awesome attempt to be more practical and more professional. And your this effort is also quite helpful for me as well.Very very good:).keep going like this.

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  4. Sohail says :

    Its good to see the testing sophomores in the arena.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Courtesy to efforts of KT.. Apply existing “rule of thumb” approaches looks cool. But an eye be kept on how to further improvise the effectiveness of current approaches.. You may end up with any innovative idea. Good Work to begin with.

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  5. Qamar Tarar says :

    A very good start. I hope that you will find more opportunities to continue your Testing Taste.


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