Two years of blogging

Knowledge Tester blog turned 2 last week!

As I wrote about my experience as a blogger in the first year, I mentioned that the momentum keeps on building. The second year experience is more rewarding and exciting than the first one. Let me share some of these moments.

First, if the first year was a year of contribution then the second year was certainly a year of collaboration. About one third of blog posts were either guest posts or they were about tester meet up or tester survey. One of the regular contributors Huma Hamid has now started her own blog and I’m so happy to have facilitated that process. Another regular contributor Arslan Ali along with other testing friends including Faiza Yousuf is conducting regular sessions on software testing via Outtabox. Through these blog pieces, I made many new testing friends which I could have never made without Knowledge Tester platform. Such is the power of having a platform.


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Second, the reach kept on expanding. I mentioned blog being visited from 53 countries last year and now this number has reached to 90+. Testing is really a global community. And the number of hits keep on increasing. Though last year it was on a scale of 1:8 which is difficult to maintain, yet there was almost a double increase in the traffic. More importantly, about one third of the traffic is coming from search engines which again means that blog is being hit by people who didn’t know me personally. Now I hope they do.

Third, I am now being approached for more coaching/training sessions than ever. One of the recent examples was a person visiting Pakistan from the UK and needing a quick start on software testing. Along with the other trainer Sohail Sarwar, we spent one fine evening at a coffee shop talking about software testing. That person is looking in a very good shape to become a successful tester. And another example is Skype coaching sessions for a Software Engineering student who is also sharing her experiences about this learning.

Finally, the best moment of the year was when my blog on software testing standards got featured on International Society for Software Testing site and I was so happy to see my name listed along the gurus of the field.

Before I start the third year, I have lot of thanks due to all of you: those who read it regularly and share their thoughts here, those who just read, those who came to the Knowledge Tester events, those who wanted to come, those who keep on supporting me on the mission of making this world a better place through Knowledge Testers.

I am reviewing the popular topics and would focus more on what matters more for you. Do you have any suggestions for me to what to write about?


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18 responses to “Two years of blogging”

  1. H Hamid says :

    Happy Birthday to Knowledge Tester and Congratulations on finishing two years of contributions, awesomeness and encouragement. I wish KT a wonderful next year ahead.


  2. ridhamalik says :

    Happy Birthday to Knowledge Tester.It’s the amazing blog I have ever seen .Keep it up :).


  3. Farrukh Latif says :

    I have gone through most of the posts during last two years and each of them was a good addition to knowledge bucket. Keep it up!


  4. Farhana Adeel says :

    Happy Birthday to knowledge tester…the most amazing thing about the KT blogs is that every tester can relate it to the situations he/she goes through. Keep up the good work!


  5. rumadak says :

    Great Achievement for you! wish you good luck!!


  6. sarwar says :

    Happy B’Day to the KnowledgeTester. 🙂

    Its marvelous; your consistency for excellence, determination for perfection and innovative way of articulating ideas.

    All the best for future ventures and keep up the great work.:)

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Nasir Din says :

    Happy Birth Day to KT. Keep it up!


  8. Zafar says :

    Majd it was really nice meeting you and Sohail and gaining some insight into testing. I am looking forward to learn Testing but your help was much appreciated. Keep up the good work. Respect!!!!!!


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