Tester Diaries – Exploring the Exploratory Testing

Hello to the interesting world of Software Testing!

My name is Ridha Malik and I am doing Software Engineering from University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila Pakistan. I have always been thinking how we do testing of any software practically and had many other question regarding this field. I always wanted to get some practical experience in this field after having studied the theory as part of my degree. Knowledge Tester and Majd Uddin provided me an opportunity to do some hands-on testing and learn testing skills.

I performed exploratory testing of Android app Disney Memories HD (). “Exploratory testing is simultaneous learning, test design, and test execution” is what I learnt from the Knowledge Tester course material. As per my understanding, the following things should be kept in mind while doing exploratory testing:

  • Charter ( List down what features you have to test or what your mission is)
  • Set the time for testing.
  • Should test some working software.
  • Output is test cases and bugs.


The Application under test “Disney Memories HD” is basically a photo editor with many functionalities including edit photo, decorate your photo with stickers, accessories, frames, apply filters, capture live picture with any Disney cartoon character, share photo, setting alarm, creating albums etc.

By following the above mentioned Exploratory Testing technique, I had a full day session divided in parts, where I wrote test cases to verify that functionalities and also found some bugs.

One of the learning for me was that how to write test cases. There are two approaches for writing test cases: on Functional area basis and on workflows or scenarios basis. The approach I followed for writing test cases was through workflows, and I think this approach is very beneficial in writing test cases. It may seem time consuming to some people but it is time worth spending.

The document with my findings is here: Disney Memories App Test Cases and you can see the test cases of this app along with bugs. As I went through this exercise, I thought it will be very beneficial to upload this document and share my experiences for people like me who are new in this field and can take help from it.

Do let me know how useful you found this and I’ll write more about more testing adventures as I undertake them.


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26 responses to “Tester Diaries – Exploring the Exploratory Testing”

  1. Arslan Ali says :

    Hi Ridah!

    Kudos to you! You know why? Because you are one of those rare breed of Students / Professionals who share their knowledge and work without being hesitant – something which lacks in Pakistan Professional scene.

    It is a wonderful document you have created and I hope you will explore further and keep your voice up in the crowd!



  2. Noman says :

    Very nice effort. Good to know the in depth details of test cases you develop.
    Is there any SRS for this application to develop the test cases or you just develop test cases on the basis of Application?


  3. Salman says :

    I have gone through the test cases. I wonder, may be, I might have missed something. How can a tester test Workflow 17 (share via Skype), if Workflow 8 (Sign in via Skype) is not successful ? Just a small thought.


  4. Arslan Ali says :

    @Salman – purpose of the test case is to define coverage of the application, and NOT to see if one we can say it is successful then other should also be successful.

    It is not “Checking”, it is ‘Testing’ which is exploratory. So if the Workflow 17 does not comply, means that the coverage is not achieved – which, does not make workflow 17 void.


  5. sarwar says :

    Good effort to kck off in testing regime..:)
    KnowledgeTester’s scene is turning on the testing fraternity in academia. Nice Effort..:)


  6. ridhamalik says :

    Thankyou for you support and we all have to share our knowledge with others @ arslan ali


  7. ridhamalik says :

    @ Noman there is no SRS for this application to develop the test cases .I develop testcase on the basis of application functionalities


  8. ridhamalik says :

    @Salman you misunderstand the Workflow8 the functionality to invite friends by Skpe in not working instead of Sign in via Skpe


  9. Rabbiya Hameed says :

    you have done awesome madam.. We will wait for further inputs in this area. this is simple as well as useful.


  10. ridhamalik says :

    @ Rabbiya Hameed Thankyou for your appreciation 🙂


  11. Aashi Janjua says :

    Good job ridha (y)
    very good effort to encourage students and people who are new to this field… keep it up 🙂


  12. ridhamalik says :

    @ Aashi Janjua your appreciation means alot 🙂


  13. Muhammad Shuja says :

    its an excellent work,well deserved for appreciation and quite useful as well.well-done Ridha:)


  14. ridhamalik says :

    @ Muhammad Shuja Thankyou for your appreciation 🙂


  15. faryalmalik says :

    v nice


  16. Salman says :

    Well, I would agree that It could be an understanding problem. But do you realize how does miss understanding stems? It stems from selection or mis selection of words. Email is considered to be less effective if it is very long. Same goes with documentation. Hope I haven’t given any hard feelings.

    Thanks, and I would hope you to do the same to my blog as well.


  17. veretax says :

    I think you’re workflow is incomplete. Why would your only output from an Exploratory Testing session, be either ‘test cases’ or bugs. Does it not possibly exist, that other quality related data, which may not necessarily be a bug, or a test case, could be discovered in the process of exploration?

    When I do a good exploratory session, I often use rapid reporter, so I can record things like steps as I go, without having to compile it all into test cases as an after action task.

    However, it is possible that you could morph this technique, from just purely test cases, to more of a session debrief, and generally describe what you tested, how, and additionally what areas you chose implicitly to not test. (What we test may also include areas that we decide aren’t worth testing. I find recording these may be helpful to inform future charters. It also may help me identify self-biases that I need to overcome in future sessions, if there turns out to be a lot more to something, than what you perceive during an exploratory session.)

    Thanks for the report though. I enjoyed reading it.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. ridhamalik says :

    @Veretax I like your suggestions and I will try the Rapid Reporting tool as you mention.My understanding regarding Exploratory testing yields to test cases and defects and you are thinking beyond that.


  19. coolfriendlygal says :

    Nice Post! You are doing wonderful job Majd!


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