10 tips on bug reporting

You are what you write.

Bug advocacy is one of the most powerful ways for testers to express their understanding of the system yet a way to add value. As part of training new hires in my team, I have been giving a presentation to them which I thought to share with all:  Knowledge Tester Tips on Bug Reporting


(photo by me)

The tips are:

  1. The only purpose to report the bug is to get it fixed.
  2. Avoid cluster bombs.
  3. Be polite to humans who made errors.
  4. Share all that you have
  5. Programmers are friends, not foes.

The presentation is also on Slideshare.

What tips you have for bug reporting?




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7 responses to “10 tips on bug reporting”

  1. Arslan Ali says :

    I really like it Majd! It is simple and yet so understandable for the testers.


  2. Debashish says :

    Great tips Majd , I really liked the one about Cluster Bomb / Number of steps to reproduce and will share them with my team


  3. Joe DeMeyer says :

    Hello Majd!

    Great post – Bug Advocacy was my favorite BBST course! I encourage tester’s in my organization to take all the BBST courses and felt I grew the most as tester in Bug Advocacy.

    I have some thoughts about your first tip. I often have no expectation of a bug getting fixed when I log it. By logging it, I believe that I add to a pool of information that describes product behavior. My report contains the aspects we learned in Bug Advocacy (thereby advocating for its resolution) however when a bug has low impact, I must confess that I save my best advocacy for the nasty ones.


    • majd says :

      You are lucky Joe to have followed Bug Advocacy.

      What I mean by the first tip of ‘The only intention to report a bug is to get it fixed’, is more focus on what your intention is. In some bad places, bug counts are used as a performance measures that encourage you to report more bugs just for the sake of it. Also at times tester can be driven from other factors to report a bug. The only intention tester should have to report bug is a good intention to get it fixed and improve the quality of the solution.

      I liked your idea of advocating the nasty ones. It is always good to pick a fight rather than pushing for every thing that you report. This could be tip no. 11 here 🙂


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