Time will always be short

If you are waiting for a beautiful morning that will dawn one day to your life, where the first rays of sun will enlighten your thoughts and you hear morning bird songs during your pandiculation in the balcony, sipping a freshly made cup of tea you will have all the time in the world that day to fulfill your dreams and finish your undone projects in life. You are absolutely wrong. Stop waiting for that morning as it will never come.

Your every morning will be the one you had this morning. You went late into the bed as you were taking care of some urgent important tasks and you were woken up by either a screaming alarm or a screaming spouse if you are married to leave the bed. You hurried to the bathroom and performed all morning rituals quickly to get ready for the work. When you reached at work, pile of work is waiting for you and you don’t have time to think where to start and just start.


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Specially if you are a tester, you know that all time squeezed from the release will be the time allocated for testing. So how can we deal with this problem of so less time and so much to test? Here are some ideas.

Accept the fact that the time is short. Stop moaning to your project managers that you don’t have enough time to test thoroughly. Rather make a plan that if you have one day to test, what will you test compared to if you have one week what tests you’ll perform. Have your ABZ plan ready for all crunch times.

Make your priorities public. If your team follows some central task management tool, this task becomes easy but in other cases you should be making very much clear to the rest of the team so as what is on your prioritized list. For example if you are performing Exploratory testing sessions this week ahead of your regression testing, the team should know exactly why it is important. And be aware of things that waste time in testing.

Convert the threat into opportunity. As in a typical SWOT analysis, you try to convert threats into opportunities, why should you not try short time as a blessing. Remember that in your college time, you’d cover the whole syllabus in just one night because you know that tomorrow is the exam and ‘time is short’. Keeping that mode on can actually make you productive and I’ve personally experienced that in the days when I have more tasks at hand, I spend less time on things like facebook

Attain mastery. When I was in grade 9, I was amazed by the speed at which beautiful Urdu writing was produced by a particular class fellow of mine. I spent a few hours with him daily and learned that skill and my hand writing is now quick and still beautiful. So learning more about the domain and learning the in-depth testing knowledge can make you really good testers. In “The book of five rings”, Musashi Miyamoto notes:

“If you master the principles of sword-fencing, when you freely beat one man, you beat any man in the world. The spirit of defeating a man is the same for ten million men. The strategist makes small things into big things, like building a great Buddha from a one foot model.”

Do you feel the pressure of time is short? What tips you have to make best of this proposition?


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7 responses to “Time will always be short”

  1. rumadak says :

    Nice Post! To answer your question, I generally whine about shortage of time in my personal life more than at work!
    BTW, lots of useful references in this post!


    • majd says :

      Thanks Ruma and yes, time is even short for personal life 🙂 The references in the post are intentional so that readers can enjoy thoughts beyond me.


  2. Noman says :

    Good one. Work never finish and we always have less time for it. So enjoy work in short time rather being panic.


  3. ridhamalik says :

    Nice post 🙂 .yes we always have shortage of time but if we try to complete work rather being tense then surely we achieve success.


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