Da Swat Guloona

Last week, I was in Swat as part of my annual tribute to the beautiful valleys of Pakistan. Known as Switzerland of Pakistan, the valley provides fascinating views and enthralling adventures. This part is also known for fruits and flower cultivation and you see many things called as ‘Da Swat Guloona’ which in Pashto means ‘the flower of Swat’ and usually the flower means Rose. Being a tester for life, I did not miss the opportunity (like previous trips) to get some Swat Guloonas for you i.e. bugs 🙂

Since my readers are now observing any spelling mistakes, I thought to pick odd things along side. During a walk, I observed this tyre shop that had a hoarding of Tourist Information Center. May be the original business was not successful.


One of the reasons that I identified for the new business to succeed was poor condition of the roads due to a flood few years back. National Highway Authority is working really hard to improve the conditions and keeps us informed about the dangers ahead.


Again due to road conditions, reconditioned cars are very popular in this area. As the locals buy the car, they add latest model year to it to show off. I saw one going too far in future.


The locals are very welcoming and hospitable to the tourists. One restaurant owner is even trying to believe that we are on a ‘sea side’ while we were more than thousand miles away from it. (the text is in Urdu)


As this opened my inquiry into boards in Urdu, I got this one in Madyan town. Seems like shop keeper is so annoyed by answering questions on what is available and what is not, that he decided to say it exclusively: “Rice Pudding available. Yogurt is not sold here”


One board that kept us laughing due to the interesting name of the place was saying “Thana Institute of Technology” which would translate to “Police Station Institute of Technology”. Sounded really interesting that police is teaching technology but I’m not sure if any one would be interested. Thana is in fact a town name in the area


Sorry for too many Urdu boards but I couldn’t stop adding this to the list. The interesting part here is that Gladiolus  which is type of Lily is stated as ‘Shaadi Phool’ or the ‘Marriage Flower’. If you are not married, then marriage and flowers will sound very romantic. But if you are, I’m not sure what it sounds.


Finally it is not that the valley doesn’t have the Guloonas for which it is known. It is in fact full of them.


Are you also a tester for life? Share your pictures and they can be featured here.


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9 responses to “Da Swat Guloona”

  1. masrooor says :

    Excellant. Good observations. Its interesting to see how lannguage and communication adopts to a particular locality…grammer and correctness aside 🙂


    • majd says :

      Right Masroor. And the beauty of a live language is that it changes. Note that my intent is not to make fun of those mistakes but to highlight the point that Tester should be vigilant to spot different/new stuff. This helps in testing and improves your power of observation.


  2. Noman says :

    nice one 🙂


  3. Zaki shaheen says :

    I’m more of a “LifeHacker” but I like your “LifeTester” thing there 😉


  4. Adnan Ejaz says :

    Excellent captures


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