Software qali kara lo

If you have any contact with Bollywood, chances are that you have heard the song ‘O baby doll main sonay de, yeh dunia pittal de’. The video of this song is beyond the circle of this blog, so I am not including the link here. Those of you who have seen it are smiling and those who have not seen it are gone to see it.

Welcome back all.

Keeping the tradition of Knowledge Testers who dig deep into the meanings and words of songs, movies and books, it is worth while to investigate the lyrics of this song.

Sona (Gold) and pittal/peetal (Brass) are two commonly used metals. The things made of gold are precious and those of brass are cheap. This comparison has been done for centuries and elite people like Kings and Queens would use utensils made of gold and the common masses would use household utensils made of brass. Things of gold last for (almost) ever whereas things of brass need to be redecorated through a phenomenon called ‘Qali’ (alkaline).


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This process of qali is also a favorite topic of some Punjabi songs. The most famous is perhaps ‘na main sonay de, na chandi de, main pittal bhari parat… way mainu dharti qali kara day main nachan saari raat’. Which means “I am not of gold or silver rather a dish made of Brass. If you would qali the land, I’d dance the whole night”. Again the search is up to the readers 🙂

Then the artisans who knew the art of Qali would move from one town to another and from one street to another singing a song ‘paanday qali kara lo’ which means you can qali your home utensils (made of Brass). One of the most accomplished comedians of Punjabi movies Munawwar Zareef picked this for a song (the video in the link is irrelevant, just listen it). As I was searching for this song on internet, to my pleasant surprise Mehdi Hassan also sang a song on this concept. You must listen it.

Enough digging 🙂 What we can learn from this and do our software need to be Qali’ed? Obviously yes. The inherent nature of software is that they are imaginary and it cannot be made of Gold in first attempt. It is always ‘Software pittal day’ (made of Brass) and require a Qali. What I mean here is the concept of continuous delivery which is getting lot of momentum. People are moving from yearly releases to weekly releases.

The street vendor singing ‘software qali kara lo’ is in your area. How would you Qali your software?


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10 responses to “Software qali kara lo”

  1. Shahrukh Chaudhry says :

    Lolz interesting research and the comparison (Y) . It means that we the Software engineers are (Qali wala) of today, and softwaare houses are the Qali shops too. 😀


    • majd says :

      Thanks Shahrukh and I liked your idea of starting the next software house ending with ‘Qali shop’ rather than ‘solutions’ 🙂 like ‘Majd Qali shop’ hehe.


  2. Zaki says :

    code reviews 🙂


  3. ridhamalik says :

    nice comparison sir 🙂


  4. rumadak says :

    Interesting write-up!!!


  5. Hanan says :

    Interesting comparison. This Qali thing forced professionals to adapt latest standards and processes. If we look at the standards of today, organizations work in short cycles, Qali their work continuously to shine in the industry.


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