Testers are from Pakistan

Last week was a special one for Testers in Pakistan as we held our first ever ‘Testers meet up’ for members from Islamabad and Rawalpindi on June 3rd. This activity brought in testers from different organizations and even some Ph.D.s in software testing and resulted in very fruitful discussions.

As part of some ‘food for thought’ my friend Hanan Atif talked about the soft skills that make the testers. He mentioned how team playing skills help you succeed as a tester and described the IBM Black Team leaf from the history. One of the picks from his talk was that in terms of communication, in-depth knowledge of a language (English in most cases) is different than your ability to communicate and suggested to keep these skills separate. A clip is on Vimeo.

Next was a thought provoking talk by Dr. Zohaib Iqbal of Quest Labs, FAST where he elaborated his view of 100% test automation that includes test path/sequence generation, test data generation, test oracle (validation) generation and test execution. His talk was very well received and lot of questions pored in and due to time limitation, the discussions had to be cut short. One of the take aways from the presentation was that Model Based testing is the way forward for test automation and Quest Lab will be happy to work with Industry professionals to solve reasonable complex automation problems using this technique. A clip is on Vimeo.


To fill in the gap, I talked about tooling that works and used Agile Testing Quadrants as a frame of reference for automation tools. With the help of testers from different organizations, we filled in the Testing Quadrants with the tools that we use and got a picture. The gist of the talk was that tools have to be spread across different testing areas and not all areas can have tools. So while picking the tool, consider all the testing quadrants and see where you want to add value.

In the end, we had an open discussion on what can be next. Lot of ideas came in including:

  • Arranging panel discussion with students that involve few professionals. This will give more chance to interact.
  • Review of the course curriculum on Software Quality and other Software Engineering courses that have Quality/Testing contents.
  • Regular meet up of testers with focused discussions on some tracks.
  • Solving Industry problems by proposing them as research projects at Academia

Given that there was a vibrant tester meet up in Karachi earlier, and a very successful first meet up here in Islamabad, we are heading towards a dream testing conference in Pakistan.

The testers from Pakistan rock! Join the party.



23 responses to “Testers are from Pakistan”

  1. Arslan Ali says :

    The two consecutive Testers Meetups in Karachi and Islamabad proves without any doubt that people now want to come forward for their profession and speak about their experiences.

    What OuttaBox and Knowledge Tester has actually done, is setting that trend which can lead others to their proper destinations;

    I just regret one thing 🙂

    I wish I would have spoken in that meet-up in Islamabad, because the way picture is telling the story, it would have been a great event!

    All the luck for the future!



  2. Zunair Haseeb Khan says :

    Good Day,
    Well it is an interesting activity and I will love to participate and may provide few leads on web Security testing to the Test Engineers. Do let me know if this meeting is conducted in Lahore.

    Zunair Khan


    • majd says :

      Thanks Zunair for your support. We plan to have call in facility available next time and you can join. And how about you start some effort in Lahore. 🙂


  3. Asim Kazmi says :

    Hello Majd, I am particularly interested in the videos for purely academic reasons. Can you please post the links to Vimeo Videos you mentioned above.

    That said, it gives me immense pleasure to see the testers from Pakistan joining hands and getting out of dark corners to learn from each other. This will help this field to grow beyond conventional boundaries in our country.

    I m an active participant of all such events in Karachi and would love to participate beyond my city if the schedule permits.

    Best of luck for all future events!



  4. Ehtesham says :


    Majid and others testers, you are doing a brilliant job.That meet up creates a strong bonding and awesome sharing of knowledge among tester .I am anxiously waiting to be a part of such gathering.Can you please share ,How can I be a part of those meeting?
    I am also interested to see those Vimeo Videos.please share the link.
    Thanks for your efforts.
    Ehtesham Asghar
    DPS Inc


    • majd says :

      Thanks Ehtesham for your kind words. Keep visiting us and you will get info of future events. Links to vimeo videos are inside the post. The clips are very short though


  5. nabeelsr says :

    Oh Dear!!! Room Full of Testers…. “The Artistic People” Look at any corner and Tester will be there having smile on their face 🙂 An activity which gives every one some thing related to their daily work psychology and confidence “Yes we are important”.
    Suggestion: Their should be Picture Gallery for any event which is being organized
    Quality of Pictures should be improved(I am available for this as i do photography too using others camera 🙂 )
    Full support is available for dear Majid 🙂 and wish for the continuity of events on regular basis

    Finally for Testing filed:
    “Us ki ummed-e-naas ka hum sy yeh maan tha ky ap!!!
    Umer ghuzar dijiay!….Umer ghuzaar di gayi

    Muhammad Nabeel
    Elixir Tech


  6. zafar says :

    Hi guys just a question I am interested in the field of Testing, can you recommend any class room courses around Rawalpindi/Islamabad? How long it can take to learn Testing? I am visiting Pakistan next month and would love to have some information before I come. Can you recommend any Institutes where the teaching method is good? Many thanks in advance. Also is their a high demand for Testers?


    • majd says :

      There are no established courses out there but Knowledge Tester arranges one day or two day workshops on regular basis. Outtabox is doing the same in Karachi and there are others also. When you land here, please get in touch and we can try to find you one.

      Regarding the need of testers, yes there are more openings than ever. But pleas keep in mind that Pakistan IT industry is maturing and as does is the establishment of activities like testing.

      All the best!


  7. zafar mahmood says :

    Majid many thanks for your reply. I am landing in Pakistan on 18th of August which is only 17 days to go “can’t wait”. I am staying there till 14th of September. Please allow me to have your contact details and also let me know if there are any courses available during this period. My problem is that I live near Rawalpindi, not sure if there is anything available near Rawalpindi/Islamabad or Lahore? my email address is…..guys any of you know anything please let me know. Many thanks in advance.


  8. Rizwan Jafri. says :

    Great Effort Majd,
    All the details mentioned clearly show that this meet-up was full of knowledge with practical insights from professionals. Keep it up.

    Enjoy Knowledge Sharing


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