Go for a Break

(This is a guest post by Sohail * )

Software testers always go to heaven; they’ve already had their fair share of hell (Anonymous;

Owning this share of hell is entailed by mental stress they endure, when things mess up in life, when they wish to leave everything, get rid of faces around, monotonous occupies their mind and makes everything to appear meaningless.

Every day they get up, convince themselves to go on job and leave for office with “heavy heart”. During their working hours, they are not able to give 100% with zeal and high degree of motivation.


There are times when “Bug tracking is brutally cool” seems no more cool. Finding a “Show-stopper” does not make you happy; discovery of new test cases does not urge you to find more and executing same test plan transforms into routine practice. In a nutshell, you no more enjoy your work, “Go for a BREAK”.

3 “R’s”, Refresh yourself, Recharge your energies and Resurrect your passion by attaining the “inner peace [Kung Fu Panda 2]” in this break.




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During this break, you can visit some picnic resort(s) accompanying family, hang out with friends, watch out movies, dine out etc.

While reinstating the level of your exuberance, appreciate the skills that you acquired, professional experience, socio-economic benefits of your job etc.

Please share your ideas of how you can languish the impact of boredom/monotonous in testing job.

* Sohail Sarwar is a longtime supporter in Knowledge Tester’s mission of promoting software quality and has helped in almost every activity. He likes to share his experiences in this field and has a unique view of the world. Currently he is a Phd scholar taking up above and other challenging questions. Thanks Sohail for sending another piece and hope all of you like it.


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