Guest Bugs

Knowledge Tester has been very lucky to get a group of keen and passionate testers following it. Not only I have some guest posts lined up that will be appearing as before, I have many bugs pouring in from tester friends. Based upon the popular theme of alert testers who don’t miss a thing whether on road or  in another country or just doing any thing, here are some of latest original bugs.

Askari Bank main page for credit cards has a typo which dents its repute. If you can’t spell, how can you take care of our money 🙂 This was sent by Imran Awan:


My tester friend Adeel Shoukat finds out that cricinfo which is the most popular site for Cricket fans (that popularity has a serious challenge from circout though), has a glitch where slide shows get stuck on some photos:


Yet another tester friend Muhammd Amjad (a.k.a. Amjad Unplugged 🙂 ) caught this dialog in world famous virtualization solution VMWare :


Amjad also spotted an Academy for students where students who failed multiple times can go to get a ‘Matrice’ degree. Not sure how many times they’d need to appear in exam to clear it:


And last but not the least, my wife caught this truck on road recently which was carrying some ‘dangers’ stuff:


How about you? Would you only enjoy reading these posts or would send me your findings?


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7 responses to “Guest Bugs”

  1. Arslan Ali says :

    The very names of Amjad and Adeel bring me back those wonderful memories of being there in Islamabad this past December and what a session that was with them!

    One thing to note about the found bugs is the importance of these bugs. What I believe is that “How important” than bug is in terms of damaging the system, halting it for further use, or reflecting the questions ‘Is there a problem here” – I think Spelling mistakes are not a developer defect or even something emerging from the Business analysis side, these are something done by the lack of “Language” orientation, or simply a “Typo” (as you have said).

    What we need to see as tester, is that where and when is that thing coming up and does this result in something which actually contradict the very purpose of the system? Does it hurts the customer? Does it hurt the product? and so on…

    It is a very nice post and as prior request I will be using these images with your and others names in my sessions; (with your permission of course :-))



  2. srinivas kadiyala (S.K.C) says :

    @Arslan : I agree to your point but, It also depends: As the Typo errors in software or hording can damage the reputations.


  3. Arslan Ali says :

    @Srinivas – Yeah they can to an extent where you are penetrating the market and need to create that niche, but once the product is old and gold and is working around the hands of the user, the typos and even some of the Cancel / Continue errors become tolerant.

    As a tester we need to have that context always by the side of our belt that which can be the bugs for which time are the most important to find. 🙂

    Otherwise they all are bugs after all! 😀


  4. Julija S. says :

    You have a nice collection of bugs, and it was fun to read about them. I found one more in your post about meeting “thy” costumers ;D (


  5. Julija S. says :

    I googled and now I think it is not a bug ;D I learnt a new word today


    • majd says :

      🙂 Not a problem Julija and that is what testers do all day. They see some thing different, look deeper, find details and then either get to know a new bug or get to know a new reality.


  6. Ather Imran says :

    Good ones! These public interfaces are a good insight into the system underneath.


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