Survey results: Testers income in Pakistan?

The survey on how Software Testers get paid in Pakistan compared to other members of the Development team is now complete and here are the findings.

First, the response was really good as I got as much as 74 replies representing at least 25 companies across Pakistan. There were also participants from other countries but they are not included in the results.

Okay, so the good news is that there are companies where Testers are getting paid the same as the Programmers. And the bad news is that they are less represented than the companies that pay out Programmers more.


For the 1% respondent that is on top of the world, my question is: Do you have an open position over there? 🙂

For the 29% respondents that get the same as fellow Programmers, that is a very lucky situation to have and you need to enjoy this fact. As my friend Ather commented in the Survey post that salaries should be reflective of the criticality of the tasks performed, it is good to know that your companies value testing services and are willing to invest in Quality. Believe me, it will pay them soon and let’s support their mission.

For the 70% respondents that are paid less than the Programmers, you are not alone and there are many like you. But is this good enough justification? Obviously no and you should be questioning whether this low pay compared to Programmers is reflective of overall company’s vision of valuing Quality less and ‘just get the products out of the door’ philosophy. If that is the case, you should be challenging that culture and raise your voices in a decent and professional way. If it fails, see if you can slip to relatively less available job market where you’ll get the same pay (and respect) as Programmers get.

I personally thank all of you who provided such a valuable input and this collaboration is just the start of long journey where we’ll be analyzing Pakistan’s testing industry in new ways.

What comments do you have on the result? Do you have some solution to move this equation more in the favor of the Testers?


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20 responses to “Survey results: Testers income in Pakistan?”

  1. Shahrukh Chaudhry says :

    Really a nice effort.

    Appreciated. Carry on Majd Uddin.May Allah bless you.


  2. Ather Imran says :

    Excellent. Thanks for executing and sharing this! Data for anything is a gold mine.

    “In God we trust; all others bring data”


  3. H Hamid says :

    29% isn’t a bad number. Well done!


  4. Asim Kazmi says :

    Great survey and a true reflection of current trends in Pakistan. However, i strongly believe that amidst this “No Importance” chaos, its not just org management’s lack of insight into Quality but also the engineers who take up testing as a profession. My advice has always been to look inward to fix issues rather than beating about the bush that management doesn’t value testers more.

    Having said that, the 1% are the ones on the self-actualization level who know what value they bring and relate it to the compensation they get.

    If you don’t believe me, start another survey and jot down the reasons why 70% think that way and get surprised!

    Keep up the good work Majd! Much appreciated!



    • majd says :

      Great advice Asim. And yes, we the Testers also has the responsibility to make our work valuable and present a compelling case to the management. That calls for a blog post some day like ‘Adding value as Testers’ 🙂


  5. Kuyah Orville says :

    Interesting! article.


  6. Sohail says :

    Here is answer to one of the most crucial questions, that we intentionally escape or are reluctant of discussing publicly. Quite Painstaking to collect the data and drive a conclusion. Great Effort and Articulation.
    29% i.e. “mature setups” realize and appreciate the need of Software Testers which motivates the testers to take ownership of quality and strive for better like a cohesive team.
    75%, having discrimination in packages, seem to appear as evolving organizations (Encouraging that they have Testing departments). Their business and economic stability in coming years may bring them to level of “29% Panel” in prevailing the same culture. Hope for the Best..:)


  7. Mehvish says :

    Thank you Majd for sharing the results!

    I have witnessed situations where Testers feel in confident explaining the value they bring to the overall process of development. There is a feel that got dragged to job role since they are not good in programming which is absolutely a myth. I suggest that awareness level of Testers have to be elevated in a way that they feel confident and contended in this job role. Further learning new tools and technologies is significant to have respect and understanding with developers/ others in the team. On a positive note Software Testing realization in Pakistan’s Software industry has shown quite a progress in last 6 to 7 years.

    May be a survey can be done to show improvement on recognition of Software Testing in Pakistan to serve as a motivation for novice testers to learn and progress in this area.


    • majd says :

      Thanks Mehvish for your thoughts and suggestion on further work. Sure, there is lot of room of studying how the Testers in Pakistan are doing and we’ll work on that together.


  8. Zaid says :

    Its really a great effort, are you in position to share the further details of this survey ?


  9. Zaid says :

    A survey also conducted by pasha as per this , QA and Dev are on the aprox same road w.r.t market value


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