How much testers get paid in Pakistan?

As along with my friends, I am promoting the profession of Software Testing in Pakistan, I get one question in almost every discussion: “I have heard that testers are not paid the same salary as the developers, is it true?”

The answer to this question is not straight forward as we lack industry surveys here and then everyone has a feeling that “I’m underpaid”. Being a developing country, handsome salary is part of the ambitions in pursuing a career.

What I can tell from my experience is that good companies don’t differentiate between Programmers and Testers and pay them alike. Now how do we know if all companies in our region are ‘good’ as per the above definition?


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Therefore I am starting a two weeks long survey today to gather as much data as I can on whether Testers are paid on the same, greater or lower scale than rest of the team. Would you mind filling in a two minute survey here?

PS: It is mainly meant for the professionals in Pakistan but others can also fill by mentioning the country.

Thank you and stay tuned as the results are summed up in coming weeks.



14 responses to “How much testers get paid in Pakistan?”

  1. Laila says :

    I am not sure about the salaries in my company. But recently i came to know that the bonus margin given to the developers team was of 30% and it was 20% for the QA team which is quite demotivating..


  2. Hanan says :

    I heard a lot about this problem, but I am lucky enough to get same salary scale as fellow developers 🙂


  3. thefosslover says :

    There are companies who really ill treat the QA who stopped the delivery of piece of garbage called CR’s,patch and so on. To be honest, a 3* ed developer is much paid than a tester in some companies , even those management sets salaries in way to show that the dev fellows are from heaven rather the tester are evil(just kidding). All that those pity , stupid companies sake i won’t completely agree that tester are less paid as i am not. But still in most of the company they have mind set that they can hire a tester of a same experience with less salary than a dev fellow.


  4. Ather Imran says :

    Salary is always a reflection of role that you play. It is not even (or should not be) a function of experience or qualification directly. It is based on the role and contribution that a person is making to the organization. That should be a clear understanding. A 25 year old CEO should be paid higher than a Software Developer, who may have 10 years of experience.

    If an organization discriminates in salaries of a developer and a tester, than it is implicitly implying that they value developers more than testers. If that is so, then that assumption should be evaluated and questioned. It should become a professional analysis and argument as against an emotional one. That again, is very important.

    If you are working in an organization, where testers do not play any role (rightly or wrongly), then a difference in salary can be justified. Same argument should be given to support an organization where testers are given a higher salary than developers (e.g. a product is just in maintenance mode and needs to be continuously tested to make sure its fine – if a tester has more salary there than developer than that is equally justified).

    However, in today’s complex software development and an evolving QA field, I see no justification in variance in salaries based on just the functional role they play. QA is as critical as any other engineering role and salaries should reflect that.


  5. Awais Khalil says :

    Unfortunately, Test Engineer are getting low pays as compare to development engineer. Companies don’t take risk to allocate a special budget for Quality departments. If they do so, they will be able to deliver 100% quality software products and gain a valuable profits for their company as well as customer/Client satisfaction. Moreover, its very unfortunate for QA engineers that they are the first priority of the companies to be fired in a crunch/fatal situation. One should realize the worth of QA/Test Engineers. Good companies always invest to train their employees about the latest technologies or tools and get involve to deliver Quality in their system software.

    In US, 59 Billions US ($) Dollars are wasted every year because of the software defects. In Pakistan, there are only few almost 5% companies who have formalized QA engineering processes.


    • majd says :

      Thanks Awais and also thanks for providing some details. You are right that comIpanies need to invest in the Quality upfront and one reflection of that is to spend money and time on testing. I’d suggest you to visit the results as there is a good percentage of companies that are taking the right route.


  6. Muhammad Usman says :

    Unfortunately, In Pakistan no company pays the testers equal to developers. It is also the flaw in the IT industry of Pakistan that no company allocate the budget for QA as much it should be. They just hire QA resources for client satisfaction, to him that we are doing QA , and just to find the high priority and severity defects. There is also a bad luck for QA in our industry that QA team has to do a lot of late sittings because of high work load and small size of team.


    • majd says :

      Usman, the industry in Pakistan is maturing and there are companies who pay (and respect) Testers like other folks in the team. I’d suggest visiting the survey results and let’s keep working together to groom our Industry.


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