Cross border testing

Just like eternal truth, peace, love and humanity, Testing has no borders.

When in the last week of December, I visited Indian Punjab’s district of Gurdaspur to see my parent’s native villages along with participating in an Annual Convention of our community, I did get some time to catch few bugs on the road.

First even before I crossed border, I had to get a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the Home Ministry (my loving wife) and it was granted only on the condition that before leaving I’ll take kids to their favorite park (F9 park kids area) in the town. As the kids were busy taking slides and swings, I captured this ‘Instauration’ for all of us:


There are even more spelling and grammatical mistakes that I leave my learned reading testers to find 🙂

Then as I was moving around the streets in India, I observed this banner which reminded me so much of my country Pakistan. The average poor men just want to get out of the country for a better future and in the way that Cuba is lined up with USA is what caught my eyes. Only later I noticed that they also offer Maximum out of Mexico.


The population in that area is predominantly from the Sikh faith and most of them are in agriculture business for living. As the modern and new India image is booming, many of them are getting into new businesses. This friend of mine took up the Telecom sector with an additional ‘e’ which might be an attempt to make this word appear more localized.


I also got the opportunity to visit an old boarding school building which happens to be birthplace of my father while my grandfather was the superintendent there. I took many pictures of the building from various angles and also visited class rooms. I observed some special boards for classes which appeared as if they were Mathematics class rooms.


Upon my inquiry into other class room boards, it was evident that they use this as a sign of first and second year of classes in the college. The only fact is that they emphasize that this is not just first year but is in fact 10 + first year.

Finally being an Engineer at heart, I was very excited to see many small home factories in the area. My testing eyes caught this place of hi tech engineering. By the way this board was on a motorcycle repair workshop which might be a hi tech work in a village area.


Have you considered testing when you are in another country or a new area? How your fresh eyes help see the world in new ways?



13 responses to “Cross border testing”

  1. Ather Imran says :

    🙂 Good ones!


  2. Sajid Manzoor says :

    Simply an awesome post…


  3. H Hamid says :

    Bugs have no borders. Good to know that!


  4. Arslan Ali says :

    Love it Majd as always. And as you know i will be using these as well in my CDT workshops with your name in highlights! 🙂

    Keep it coming Sahib!



  5. sharaniya srinivasan says :

    To me they are not bugs/issues, they are signs of language ignorance. If we spot any issue in one’s regional language or mother tongue than it might be considered as an issue. Yet I admit that you keen observation skill has helped in citing these spelling mistakes !!. Now-a-days there are many signages which particularly tweak words to grab costumer attention when compared to those these are trivial


    • majd says :

      Thanks sharaniya for your comment and you brought a very good point. I agree that English not being our first language, we do make mistakes and that is okay. Please note the intent is not to make fun of poor English skill of people, but to sharpen Tester’s eye to catch stuff that is different. So that we use ‘Focus’ heuristic to find issues in what ever is presented to us. Cheers!


  6. Abdul Saboor says :

    Nice observation. Actually we can understand that this is not their native language but also if you see sign boards from those whose native language is English, we can find similar issues (just google spelling mistakes in sign boards). It is more a technical or human mistake or illiteracy, sometimes called typo. Today we are more illiterate in the sense computer is helping us with automated corrections and we are more dependent on it. If computer software ignore a spelling or the word is just not there in the dictionary application we sometimes are not sure about the spellings.
    Once I typed a Spanish name Velázquez, my computer dictionary corrected it to Velásques which is wrong. MS Word was changing my spelling. Also sometimes we have been taught with erroneous spellings. Just like we can see the Urdu translation of Please (برائے مہربانی), that should be (براہِ مہربانی). You can find it in Banks, Schools, Notices, …..


    • majd says :

      Thanks Saboor for your insights. You brought in some good points so as what causes these faulty sign boards. Just to repeat myself that the purpose is to sharpen the eyes of the testers to find any thing that is unusual. This skill helps in real testing jobs 🙂


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