White House needs Testers

Well, first they were reminded by the world that they needed more testing on and now they are actually hiring some for another project.

If you are following Ben Simo on twitter (which you should if you are a tester), then you know the whole story of how he exposed the weaknesses in the design and coding of healthcare website. Here is a brief summary of his and other valuable tester’s findings:

–        The problem is not more traffic, but bad coding also. See TIME magazine’s coverage.

–        The website is buggy, slow and waiting to be hacked.

–        And even more problems in this PC World article.

–        …

The story hasn’t finished yet but these weeks have clearly proven that where governments are moving towards technology powered projects, they need to put more attention to testing the stuff before rolling it out. Luckily this pressure has worked.


(the original photo is here:

For one of the upcoming projects, White House is inviting API testers to participate. The move may have some political motives as well but the page says:

“The purpose of the beta period is to test the We the People API’s write methods, identify bugs and other technical issues, and develop tools that will allow others to submit signatures to We the People petitions platform…”

This is a great steps towards acknowledgement of Testing as a role in modern day software development.

Will you consider helping this project? Or would help your government projects by doing some testing?



4 responses to “White House needs Testers”

  1. Ather Imran says :

    That’s a very good lesson you have drawn from a political event!


  2. Sohail says :

    Even USA has started acknowledging our efforts… :)…towards promoting the testing esp API testing


  3. H Hamid says :

    Need for testing speaks for itself. Good post.


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