Lesson from Zinda Bhaag

I was very lucky to get a copy of ‘Overstructured Management of Software Engineering’ a remarkable article by Jerry Weinberg. The article was written in 1982 but sounds like written in 2012; such is the beauty of golden words of Jerry. It has many points to ponder but at the end Jerry suggests to take lessons from other fields of sciences like mechanical engineering, medical science, social science etc. Let me say that if you are a ‘tester for life’, then you have many areas to get inspiration and one of them is: the movies 🙂

Zinda Bhaag

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Last week I watched ‘Zinda Bhaag’ an amazing movie which is picturized in Lahore and the story revolves around three young friends who want to settle abroad for good living. Hence the name of the movie ‘Zinda Bhaag’ meaning ‘Run alive (from the country). The movie is full of the Punjabi cult talk which is always very funny and then there are occasional ‘pearls of wisdom’ from a local gangster named Pehalwan (character played by the great Naseeruddin Shah). If you understand Punjabi and you haven’t watched the movie, I feel sorry for you. Ok, coming to the lesson. So, in one of the scenes, where Pehalwaan meets a man whose life is ruined by drugs and he tells how that man got into this miserable state, there he says:

(Punjabi) “Paisa tay Qismat saaliyan  nain… Asal cheez sabar aye… Sabar naal shaadi karo gay tay saaliyan muft wich aa jaandian nain”

(my attempt to translate it in English) “Money and Luck are like sisters in law (sisters of your wife). The real thing is ‘patience’ and if you marry with patience, the sisters in laws you’ll get automatically”

So how marrying with patience can help testers make money or get lucky. Let’s see.

–        When learning new areas for testing, it takes some time to learn the new domain. When your company signs a new contract with a company to provide health care solutions, you’ll need to learn what Obamacare is and how it is done. Learning any new thing requires patience.

–        Lot of times, your team is not receptive to the great ideas that you are throwing as a tester. Whether these are bugs or new features or tweaks in the process, if you want any of your ideas to be implemented successfully in the product or project, you’ll need a lot of patience. Wait until the time comes and your bug will be fixed, your requested feature will be part of the release, your proposed process will be loved by the team members.

–        Finding bugs in a mature feature is always a tough task. If you lose patience, you might start reporting bugs that are not of much importance but if you keep going and digging the stuff deeper and keep applying new techniques, you’ll find the BIG bugs.

–        And being a software tester, whatever you do most likely it will require patience.

Have you learned some lessons from movies that you have watched? Please share as I’ll love them.


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6 responses to “Lesson from Zinda Bhaag”

  1. Adeel says :

    Thank you Majd for sharing lines of wisdom.


  2. Sohail says :

    Good one…:)
    Agreed to Naseeruddin for part of showing patience… But bugs are more of “Saalas”… :).. and surely they are there when we make constant effort..:)


  3. Smita says :

    Really good lines of “Wisdom”… “Patience” required in role of a Tester and also in personal life.
    Naseeruddin is indeed a gr8 actor and i am really excited to watch the movie (And feeling sorry for myself :())


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