One year of blogging

Knowledge Tester blog turns 1 today!

Last year on same date, when I wrote the welcome note, I was not sure how long my passion for ‘writing about software testing’ will be. But the good thing that it is going and seems like it will keep going. To mark this anniversary I’m glad to introduce new logo designed by friends (well, not free but at a discounted rate).

I have many thanks due for this journey starting from the friends who suggested me to start the blog at the first place (hey there, you know it 🙂 ). Then I’m thankful to my friends who have become regular readers and commentators on the blog and to regular readers who have become my friends now. I am also thankful to guest posts from some of my special friends. And those who at times help me with proof read the drafts or suggest/instigate an idea for a post.


One amazing fact is that software testing is a truly a global economy and WordPress stats suggest that so far 53 countries have touched the blog. I knew I had some influence outside Pakistan (my native country) but had no idea that I’ll be reaching such a larger global audience. Truly amazing.

Just some more facts that my most popular blog posts have been on the subject of Tester-Programmer friendship, Testers putting more focus on learning the business they serve to the bug finding missions. The average readership that I had in my first month got 8 times increased in my 12th month and it keeps on improving.

And perhaps the most high note was when Micheal Bolton commented on my post. Such a big honor for me!

Oh yeah, if you there thinking to starting your blog. My advice is “get started and keep marketing your stuff” and yours can be a successful story even more than mine.

By the way, what topics you’d like me to cover more in the next year?


20 responses to “One year of blogging”

  1. Zaki Shaheen says :

    Congrats Majd. Good going:)


  2. H Hamid says :

    Congraulations on successfully finishing the first year of blogging. It is so good to read about testing stories from my very first mentor, as I can totally relate myself to each one of them. Keep up the good work!


  3. smita says :

    Congrats !! 🙂 Keep it up


  4. srinivas kadiyala (S.K.C) says :

    Congrats..Keep Going..Thanks for sharing 🙂


  5. Ather Imran says :

    Congrats Majd on completing a year of great blogging and insightful articles! I have myself learnt a lot from these. Keep up the great work.

    Good luck!


  6. Umar Kiani says :

    Congratulations Majd …learned something from every single post of of yours. Keep sharing 🙂


  7. Sohail says :

    Many Many congrates Majd bhai…… Good to see the nice Looking “Logo” of knowledge tester..:)….
    Keep up the good work which is wort reading and quoting for youngsters (like myself..:) )..


  8. Sameer Purandare says :

    Keep going Majd, i have been following your posts, they are truly informative and touch upon a lot of aspects in the world of Software Testing 🙂


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