To catch is Tester

“To err is human and to catch is Tester”.

This is no secret that I love software errors and keep collecting them. Some of the diaries were mentioned in my earlier posts: Embarrassing defects, Tester on the road, and Some funny errors.

Here are some recent interesting catches:


This was captured from Yahoo Weather and it has a suspicious ending of the week where we know the temperatures but no outlook on an identical date.


All of us love the PYMK (People You May Know) feature of social tools and it provides great help in finding old and new friends. But here I really wonder how the algorithm on LinkedIn has this suggestion for me. May be names like these bypass the algorithm just like spam emails do bypass the filters.


On my recent credit card statement in PDF, I was perfectly happy reading this statement until I reached ‘any ch’. Hmmm… guess they want more text in less space. Wise move gone wrong.


If you think that I am hard at only Programmers, think again. I also love finding issues in us, the Testers and here is one from EuroSTAR conference email with an empty email address. In fact not empty as it had a font color issue being same as the back ground. By the way the EuroSTAR team is great and I’ll be attending a free one day online conference from them in September.


Here is one more from the Testing world. I am an admirer of  Ajoy Kumar Singha and the Testing Circus work but nevertheless I am not interested in a free coy of this.


I also get some of these from my friends and this was shared by Akif. Only when I received this, I realized what happened to our Environment.

Finally as I was drafting this post, I got a marketing email which I can’t stop myself mentioning it here:


On other parts of this planet, around the same time some great people are also catching errors and some of the good catches were a bug report on Mark Zuckerberg’s personal page and issues in Mexico Curriculum. Keep catching testers.

Do you have some interesting defects to share? Please do as I simply love them.


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6 responses to “To catch is Tester”

  1. Ather Imran says :

    Very interesting! 🙂 Keep them coming.


  2. nerdet says :

    The moto at StarEast was: “To err is human that’s why they call us superhuman” 😉


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