Embarrassing Defects

Each defect has a factor of embarrassment with it. Some has more.


(the original photo is here: )

A friend of mine who was working on a project for about six months with a group of enthusiastic fellows and they were coming up with a cool new social idea, were hit by a massive embarrassment moment on the launch day. This is what happened.

The first email had a bug inside the body:


That leaves some bad taste for the reader and specially those who know what % means around the UserName variable. But in next email that was sent a few minutes later to let the community know about the ‘opportunity’ they had looked like this:


What an ‘opportunity’ that was lost to ‘oppertunity’.

On about the same days and on the same planet, I registered for a webinar posted on EuroStar conference team’s LinkedIn group that had webinar timings as:


I couldn’t stop myself from letting the organizers know about the 13 hours scheduling of the webinar. The team was very quick to fix it and thanked me. The email I got mentioned that it was “embarrassing” for them. Sure it was.

By the webinar looks good and you can also join here:

And during the same weeks on the other side of the planet, Chelsea football club’s official store in US was selling Arsenal shirts for a limited time. Well, they did mean to sell it for ever but they have to remove it as it was spotted by a ‘tester’ disguised as a sports journalist.

Does any of this looks familiar to you? Have you ever saw an embarrassing defect? Do share.


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9 responses to “Embarrassing Defects”

  1. Raza Ul Haq Akif says :

    Nice post 🙂

    But it feels more embarrassing when you are actually telling about other’s embarrassing situations and suddenly one man stand up and tell you that “Look, there is something wrong with this sentence, ‘By the webinar looks good and you can also join here’ “. 😀

    As you mentioned in your initial post that you won’t agree if there is any flaw in the blog, so don’t worry I also won’t mind 🙂

    Apart from fun, it really becomes embarrassing situation when you spend too much effort for the publicity of the product and suddenly an email ends the charm and excitement.


  2. Bilal Tahir says :

    Good catch …


  3. Ather Imran says :

    Very interesting and thanks for sharing. Reinforces my opinion that many ‘defects’ can be taken care with an organized (even informal) peer review process.



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