Khayabaan e Testing

Yesterday I was at FAST, NUCES Islamabad campus to meet the graduating class of Bachelors in Computer Sciences and presented to them the idea of becoming Software testers and take a route to the “Khayabaan e Testing”. ‘Khaybaan’ is a Persian word which means a highway full of flowers and is a common naming convention for beautiful roads in the cities of Pakistan. Some of the slides are here.


(photo from: by Farhan Saya)

The talk was well received and I was impressed by the warm welcome and keen interest of the students. Majority of the questions were related to the ‘fear’ that software testing is not as great profession as is becoming Programmer (which the students were calling Developers). I thought it might be interesting to quote some the questions and the answers as these are the same questions I keep hearing each time I invite people to Khayabaan e Testing:

Q: What is the pay scale of an Entry level tester?

My Answer: It is the same as if of an entry level Programmer. Any ‘good’ company would pay the same to a competent software engineer regardless of their key area of work. And if it is not a ‘good’ company, should you join them any way?

Q: I have heard that each Developer can be a Tester but not every tester can be a developer. Is that true?

My Answer: I wish I had some thing hard in my hand that I should have thrown to you J No, it is not true.

Programming and Testing are two disciplines and I have seen Programmers who are really good at testing and I have seen Testers who really write good code. And I have seen Programmers who are bad at programming and Testers who are not good at testing. So this whole notion of testing being a subset of programming is not correct, these are two sets with some intersecting areas.

Q: What is the growth in the testing profession?

My Answer: One path is getting senior in testing profession where you set the Quality strategy for the entire company and become responsible for the corporate quality standard. The other very popular route for the testers is to get into Product Management and Business Analysis areas as testers do have lot of Domain knowledge.

That’s it for the post though there were many more questions than these.

So fellows, are you ready to start your travel on Khaybaan e Testing?


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7 responses to “Khayabaan e Testing”

  1. HHamid says :

    This is very interesting. Keep testers motivated!


    • majd says :

      Thanks Huma. I recently listened to a talk by a tester and he said that all of us should put a banner on our desk as: “I love testing” 🙂


  2. SamreenM says :

    I started my journey on khayabaan-e-Testing around 2 years ago.. and loving it so far ❤
    PS: i changed the route from 'Highway of Documentation'.


    • majd says :

      This is great to know that you are having an enjoyable journey. ‘Highway of Documentation’ or ‘Coders Avenue’ are also good, but not as entertaining as is the “Khaybaan e Testing” 🙂


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