Internet is full of bugs

Though there is no such thing as ‘Bug free software’, but the state of internet is very sad. I was discussing it with a colleague and then thought why I shouldn’t prove it. In 5 minutes, I found an error on

Here are steps to reproduce:

  1. Using Internet Explorer 9, launch the CNN home page.
  2. Scroll through the end until you see list of links. Click on ‘My Profile’. Note that I don’t have an account with CNN, so I was interested to see how it behaves.
  3. The page has some suspicious signs. It not only has a ‘Log in’ or ‘Sing up’ link, it also has ‘Edit my details’ and ‘Log out’ links. Though I’m not signed up, so this itself is a bug.
  4. Interesting enough, clicking the ‘Edit my details’ showed me this error:


Try this yourself and see it yourself. May be should discuss Log in scenarios in a Three Amigos session.

I am sure that if you spend 5 minutes of attention to any page on internet, you’ll find a bug. Do you agree?




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18 responses to “Internet is full of bugs”

  1. Azhar Iqbal says :

    Yes, there are many sites where you can notice these BUGS quite often.


    • majd says :

      Right sir. And what happens is that we have got immune to these bugs and we just accept them to be part of the system. That is a dangerous sign.


  2. Ather Imran says :

    Unfortunately, our tolerance level is quite high when it comes to stuff on internet. This holds true both for the applications and – more dangerously – for the validity and quality of the content.

    Ather Imran


    • majd says :

      You are absolutely right Ather and this is a dangerous trend. We (as in the readers and writers of the content) need to take some responsibility here 🙂


  3. Salmaan says :

    I was kinda confused when i read this article and partially agreed over it, than i decided to look at the same page i read the post on.
    On the right bottom i saw follow button, i was interested in it as i am already following this blog 😉
    It said me to enter the email, i entered mine from which i was already following the blog and hit the submit button.
    It gave me a message
    Thank you for following “Knowledge Tester”
    We sent you a confirmation email.
    I checked in my inbox, junk, waited for long time but i got no confirmation email 🙂
    Conclusion, agree to Majd Bhai 🙂


  4. majd says :

    Great Salmaan, so you proved the point. Thanks for that.

    By the way, you have good instincts for testing which is really encouraging. The more people we have with critical thinking hats and vigilant eyes, the better quality we get.


  5. nerdet says :

    The problem with the web is that you have so many browsers and in the end have to focus on a set of browsers you want to work properly, It’s like having hundreds of glasses and having to try them all on to check if your web works and that might just be to expensive so you focus on a subset of maybe five because that is your budget.

    But I agree you can go to almost any website in the world and find a bug, be it cosmetic, functional or a security hole there is always something and often not that hard to find at least one.


  6. Farooq Ahmaf says :

    Nice discussion. Compromise on quality is mostly due to time/budget constraints and pressure to meet dead lines. So what can you expect? obviously bugs… There is always need for improvement and it should be continued


    • majd says :

      Thanks Farooq and you are right that release is always a function of quality and time. But letting slipping obvious bugs that can be found in 5 minutes of trivial testing is not a good sign. We need to raise the bar of quality for websites to be published.


  7. Sohail Sarwar says :

    So the real issue is extinction of the sense to counter the bugs… :)) It is an example of “Let it go” kind of attitude by testing fellows when no major functionality is hampered…

    Good one Majd Bhai..:)


    • majd says :

      Thanks Sohail for the comment. Once you ‘let go’ easy bugs, you are not sure how many serious bugs might be slipping along with. So we need to put more emphasis on higher standards for quality for what ever work we produce.


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