‏More eyes and more hats

‏More eyes and more hats

There is a centuries old narration in my native land Punjab. There once was a family of shoe makers (Mochi in Punjabi)  that made beautiful leather shoes. To make these shoes they would do all leather processing in their home, in shape of cottage industry. The tradition being of a joint family system, where they would marry their sons and their wives would then shift to their home for the rest of their lives. So when the younger son’s wife came in, she asked the wife of elder brother, who was living in that house for some good years,: “sister (Bhabhi ji), what is this bad smell all about?” Obviously she was referring to the smell that is caused by different phases of leather processing using chemicals and all that. The lady (Bari Bahu) replied: “The smell only bothered me for a few months and then it just went away”.

When we bring fresh eyes to a software development process, they can feel smelly code that the code writers would never feel. So just by having a new pair of eyes in the system can reveal a lot of issues. And when those eyes are wearing a new thinking hat, whether of testing or deployment or IT or documentation, they can bring about very good discussions to improve the overall quality.


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That is the reason we hear terms like peer review, second opinion, proof reading etc.

And that is the same reason that Pair Programming would result in better code. Similarly pairing programming with a tester can help uncover issues fast. Other ideas like code review, review of test plans by programmers and domain experts, teaming up of the three amigos would boost team confidence and also result in better efficiency.

You can also consider increasing the number of testers in a team to bring in more critical eyes. As they say “the worst thing than a wife is more than one wives”, so “the best thing than a tester is more than one testers”.

The more the merrier 🙂

Are you willing to bring in more eyes with more hats (and even more noses) to your system?


4 responses to “‏More eyes and more hats”

  1. HHamid says :

    As far as the practice of conducting peer-reviews stays an informal friendly review (like in agile teams), I find this to be a constructive effort which helps in improving product code, design and technical documents. But as soon as this peer-review turns into a formal review process, to fulfill a standard related clause, it becomes really gruesome. Thus turning the overall review process into an ugly overhead. Testers are nitpickers by nature and many a time this habit leads to long delays in review and approval of project artifacts.


    • majd says :

      You brought a very good point that the Reviews should be done in the spirit of improving the overall culture of mutual support. I can relate to the teams where Reviews are made such an integral part of the system that they become more of boring and routine activities.

      Another thing that I have seen is Reviewer going ahead and changing the original stuff which is not good. The Review should just suggest ideas and thoughts and the author should have the right to accept/reject it e.g. Tracking options that we have in MS Word for reviewing.


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