Three Amigos…

Life is a sequence of ups and downs. When you are down, your dear and near ones come in to help you out of the tough phases of life. Imagine if your project is going through a tough stage, who else than a friend is the best choice to dig you out.

Though there are many aspects of software projects and the roles are taken up accordingly, yet three of them are dominant: Domain Experts, Programmers, and Testers. The best scenario is when these three join hands with a “Three Amigos” slogan or “The Power of Three” as mentioned by Agile Testing book by Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory.

When this sort of mentality sits in the organizations, what you see is:

“They walked arm in arm, occupying the whole width of the street and taking in every Musketeer they met, so that in the end it became a triumphal march.”  (from The Three Musketeers).

I recently touched upon the topics of friendship between Testers and Programmers, and the need of collaboration between Domain Experts and Testers. In an ideal world, if the one who knows the requirement codes and tests the application, we’ll get super hit solution. The reality is that these skills are scattered and to get to the hit solution, more and more overlap is needed.

When this question of collaboration was put forward to a few of my teams here, I got responses like illustration A and B, luckily some of them had the illustration C to my relief.


How are the team dynamics in your case? And do you see areas where you need to improve?


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