Some funny errors

I love software errors and have become so obsessed that became a collector of them. So stamp collectors, coin collectors etc., you got competition and here comes: a bug collector.

Though in an earlier post, I mentioned the Good, Bad and Ugly errors, it’s time for some funny errors. Okay, and I’ll let you guess first what the error is.


This is a news from home page… got the error? The report is about Pak Rupee where as the image show the Indian Rupee. By the way, Pak Rupee has dipped further which is no fun.


This is an easy one… seems like the programmer was not good in arithmetic classes at school.


Hmmm… tough one but the LinkedIn showed Copy right of 2012 for first few days of 2013 and I captured the one on the January 1st. If you’d like to catch bugs related to new year, read New Year bug gifts


Here is another one in LinkedIn News page where they are dealing with & sign in html.


Well, this one I got from a Tester friend who got it on her box while upgrading to Outlook 2010 from 2007. You cannot cannot ignore the helplessness of the program here.


This is the last one for today and this is fresh. I got help from another Tester friend here. See how an auto generated system is able to send three different messages.

Enough for today as not all of my collection is free …

Do you have some funny errors to share from your own collection?


6 responses to “Some funny errors”

  1. HHamid says :

    Really a good one. The helplessness of that Microsoft Outlook programmer was just awesome


  2. sohail says :

    The bug captured pertinent to “PKR” is cool…:)


  3. Ather Imran says :

    Very interesting! Collecting ‘stuff’ over a period of time is an excellent idea. It provides an excellent insight into past (and past is a good predictor of future) as well great learning opportunities. Many thanks for sharing these!



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