Happy new year and a gift of bug(s)

Wishing you all a very Happy new year  and pray that 2013 is filled with happiness and joy for you. To make this wish more memorable, I am adding a gift such that you can find some bugs in your application. And a bright new bug brings unmatched happiness and joy to a tester…. Right?

So here is the gift:

Look at the copy right year:


The copy right year in Help> About dialog and any other places that are displayed to the user are often not updated for the new year. File an issue straight away if you still see the year 2012 instead of 2013. It is tricky so as how your company can update the copy right year depending upon the rules and regulations, but still selling an application with an old copy right doesn’t delight the customers.

(I must admit that I learned this trick some 4-5 years back from one of my managers… hey Don, are you there? )

Any date related queries might fail:

You may not believe but it was early as new year of 2012 (yes, exactly one year ago) when a bug caught iOS to not let non-repeating alarms to ring on first 2 days of the year. Full story is here:

So if your application or app has any thing to do with dates, try out those features: alarms, reminders, scheduled transactions etc., and you may hit a bug before your users find it and embarrass your company.

Just make sure your application likes the new year:

Well, if missing alarms seem a harmless bug, have a look at this story: . Just a few years back, as many as 20+ million users were unable to use their credit and debit cards in Germany on a new year day. This year could be for your users, so make sure any functionality that you have copes well with the happy new year greetings.

Do you have more ideas to test on the 1st day of a new year? And reply if you actually get a gift of bug.


3 responses to “Happy new year and a gift of bug(s)”

  1. H Hamid says :

    Great post and a timely reminder!


  2. majd says :

    Thanks. But seems like Apple is not learning and their Do Not Disturb feature had issues on this new year… see this story;


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