Tester’s take on Gangnam Style


No, I’m not proposing that Testers should perform Gangnam style as part of the Smoke test plan execution. Nor do I mean that I am going to analyze the video for quality standards and will find at least 5 defects in it.  What is simply meant here is that when I first heard of a video becoming popular (which is by now the most viewed video in Youtube’s history), I asked the same questions about it that I ask about any new word that pops up in a technical document or a meeting. What is it? Why we need it? For whom we are doing it? And Why we are doing it?

My search into Gangnam style took me to search Google, read some of the Wikipedia articles and some stories on New York Times, and here is a brief summary of what I found out:

–        Gangnam is name of a district in Seol, Korea which translates as south of the river.


–        It is an upscale district where fashionable people live and the people who wish to live there, try to adapt “Gangnam style”.

–        This video is part of 6th album of Korean Pop singer PSY (full name Park Jae-sang).

–        The word “Oppan” in the main word means the singer pointing to himself meaning some thing like “big brother”.

–        PSY tried out many animal styles of dance moves and settled on horse riding style.

–        The video was meant for the Korean pop listeners only but it went viral due to Youtube and the very social lives we are living.

–        …

Enough info to my basic set of questions. But what it means for Testers?

As I mentioned before, when next time in a meeting you hear a new word which you have never heard, or in next release’s project plan you read a word that you know nothing about, start your search against it. These are the basic questions, we need to be asking every time:


Here is some home work: There is much demand of LBS (Location Based Services).


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