Welcome note

Welcome to the Knowledge Tester blog! Glad to have you with me.

The world of software testing is becoming a place of lot of happenings and it asks for every one interested in this topic to be learning new stuff all the time. Through this blog, I’ll be posting my two cents on what knowledge makes a software tester a valued team member i.e. a Knowledge Tester. Similarly, I’ll take up examples from experience on how no testing or bad testing effects projects.

If you are wondering who I am, my name is Majd Uddin and I am in the business of testing software for almost a decade now. I have worked on a variety of projects ranging from products to components to APIs to technology and safely can claim that number of projects I have been involved in are 100+. I also have experience in hiring and building Knowledge Tester teams.

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Thanks again, and please keep visiting. We have lot to discuss.


3 responses to “Welcome note”

  1. Raza Alvi says :

    Excellent and a profitable effort for all testing fraternity! Thumbs up!!


  2. Rabia says :

    Its very knowledgeable and intreasting,especially for the testers.!!


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